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Why Network Marketing?The Difference between Network Marketing and Pyramid Scheme

on December 30, 2014

Why Network Marketing?

The Difference between Network Marketing and Pyramid Scheme 
XanGo™, LLC is a successful Network Marketing System. Lots of people confuse Network Marketing with Pyramid Scheme which is totally incorrect. It is very important to know the difference between the two before you start doing your business and start introducing XanGo Juice and the Opportunity to your prospects.

So what’s the difference between Network Marketing or MLM and Pyramid Scheme?

  • In Pyramid scheme, the start up fee or joining fee would be substantially high. While in Network Marketing, the joining fee is generally small, usually for an information kit, so that it is easy and inexpensive to start selling.
  • In Pyramid scheme they may have inventory requirement that is you have to purchase the product and keep it with you whether or not it is sold. While in Network Marketing, they do not have this option. Distributors do not have to hold any inventory.
  • In Pyramid Scheme, companies make profits on volume sales to new recruits who buy the products only because they must buy to participate. While Network Marketing depends on selling to consumers and establishing a market. This requires competitively priced quality products.
  • Pyramid Scheme is a program where people just invest money based on the promise that other people will put in money that will filtrate back to them and somehow, they will get rich. It is strictly a money game and is illegal. Where as Network Marketing/MLM is a legitimate business which is based on providing people with real legitimate products they need and want at fair prices. People do make a lot of money through this Network Marketing and it could be due to their own dedicated efforts.
  • In a Pyramid scheme, a person’s place in the matrix is fixed and s/he cannot overtake his/her sponsor. Even if they do nothing after recruiting people, they will still make more money than their downline. While in Network Marketing, it is possible for a recruit to overtake his/her sponsor and end up making more money than them.
  • In a Pyramid scheme, one is paid bonuses for recruiting other representatives, regardless of whether or not they achieve any sales or gain any customers. Because of no income to the company, sooner or later this scheme will collapse. While on the other hand, in Network Marketing, nobody earns anything till there is a sale. The company’s income is from customers and their sales and so does the income of the company’s representatives.

XanGo™ is purely a Network Marketing system with a legitimate and a great quality product. It has low start up fees. You earn commission from the sales of XanGo® Juice. You also receive a portion of the income the distributors you sign up. Remember, your success depends totally on you and your distributors’ efforts.

Benefits of Joining Us

XanGo™ is great opportunity where you can be a big success with your hardwork and efforts by developing relationship with your customers. Before you develop a relationship with your customers, it’s very important to have an understanding and healthy relationship with your upline and downline. A wrong sponsor can be the only reason of your failure in Network Marketing. A sponsor is your mentor, trainer, leader and motivator. Choosing good sponsor and right kind of team means you are in the right spot. And we assure you, http://www.xango.com provides you that. Our supportive team at MIG – Team Singapore will:
1)   Help you through the enrollment process, making sure that you avoid any potential problems that could cost you in the future.

2)   Teach you how to maximize your compensation by structuring your business correctly.

3)   Train you on the basic procedures of the company like ordering online or over the phone and enrolling other people.

4)   Teach you how to introduce the products. Point out the “selling points” that make the products unique.

5)   Help you with your potential new associates, by being available for 3-way calls or ABC and providing email and phone support.

6)   Represent you to the company if you have suggestions or concerns.

7)   Provide expert coaching to help you become successful.

8)   All this is only possible if you are ready to work with your sponsor.

We want you to take informative decision on joining as a distributor. This is the first step we are taking to be a successful organization.

Why should I join Xango™?

There are many reasons to join XanGo™:

  • Is the first one to capture the power of delicious and nutrious, a tropical fruit and bring it to the consumer.
  • XanGo™ Juice is delicious and it WORKS.
  • XanGo™ is one of the fastest growing network marketing companies to date.
  • XanGo™ is partnered with Wild Flavor, one of the most renowned beverage manufacturers.
  • XanGo™ sold out more product in its very first year than Pepsi did in its 34th year.
  • XanGo™ pays out 50% of all product sales directly to its distributors.

What kind of skill and experience is needed to be a XanGo distributor?
You do not need any kind of special skills to be a distributor. What you need is the positive attitude towards your goal and the desire to achieve those goals. How you can achieve those goals – we will be there to guide you.

What is meant by ADP (Auto Delivery Program)?

ADP is a convenient way to ensure that one or two cases of XanGo™ are delivered to your door each and every month. This will keep you safe from missing any commissions in case you forget to qualify yourself.
Do I have any option in ADP?
Definitely! Distributors participating in ADP have two options to choose from:

Standard ADP         : Distributor is on one case autoship.
Family Plan ADP     : Distributor is on two cases autoship.

About XanGoJuice

XanGo™, the name, is made up of two words: Xanthone and Mangosteen. Xanthones and mangosteen are the crucial part of the success of XanGoJuice.
XanGo™ and “Me-too” Products:

Quality does make a difference!!!

We know xanthones are quite new to modern science. XanGo is literally leading the charge with regards to Xanthone research. As world knows, xanthones and new xanthone uses are being discovered through XanGo’s leadership. XanGo™, LLC is working with some of the top universities and scientists in the world to develop xanthone standards for the scientific community.

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