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The Power To Heal

on December 30, 2014

The Power To Heal

Dr. Kenneth J. Finsand wrote that “after experiencing the power of the Mangosteen beverage firsthand and researching the history and the scientific studies on the phytochemicals known as Xanthones,” he decided to start using the juice with his patients.

“The Xanthones in the Mangosteen clearly contain the power to heal much of what ails the body”, he said.***

A Weapon In A Medical Practitioner Group’s Arsenal

Dr. Sam Walters, a human nutrition specialist who even formulated nutritional products for astronauts at the NASA Space Center, said that they treat a lot of cancer patients in their clinic. Majority of the (cancer) patients they treat, he said, are Stage Four and beyond.

“In some cases”, he said, these patients “have been given six to eight weeks to live. We often witness wonderful results. The Mangosteen juice has become one of the many weapons in our arsenal…”****

More and more medical practitioners are discovering the Mangosteen and are using it in medical practice to help their patients regain their health and improve their lives.

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