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Discover the Health Benefits of Mangosteen

on October 9, 2014


Discover the Health Benefits of Mangosteen

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Health Benefits of Mangosteen

Tips and Resources on Mangosteen

health benefits of mangosteen

For centuries, the traditional medical healers have been used mangosteen for its health benefits in South East Asia, China, Africa to treat various health problems. This amazing tropical fruit, also known as “Queen of Fruits” is native to Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. This little known wisdom of folk used remedies has come to attention and now we have over 3 decades of scientific research study on why it works and how it works.

The benefits of the mangosteen fruit are said to reach far beyond the nutritional value of the fruit alone. Like other fruits, the mangosteen features important nutrients such as vitamin C, fiber, potassium and even some biologically active compounds like Catechins and Proanthocyanidins. What sets it apart is the unique antioxidant content mostly found in pericarp, or rind. This unique antioxidant content is called xanthones. In laboratory vitro study (test tube), mangosteen xanthones possess anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antioxidant properties. However, there is no proof that these xanthones have the same effect when taken orally as when tested in a laboratory setting so far.

Benefits of Mangosteen Fruit

Do you have any personal experience with mangosteen supplement? Why not share it here? Click here to tell us about your stories!

By combining some of the testimonials, personal experience with the scientific study, here are the summaries of the health benefits of mangosteen:

Help to combat pain (anti-inflammatory property which may decrease inflammation, pain and joint damage linked with arthritis, or pain caused by sports workout and minor injuries)

Decrease free radical damage and inflammatory build up – help to maintain the blood vessel health, cholesterol level, protect heart muscle, lower high blood pressure

Boost energy without stimulants

Maintain intestinal health – relieve diarrhea, constipation, stimulate normal bowel health

Help in skin condition – can be applied on the skin for eczema, fight against bacteria which causes most acne, assist in wound healing

Help to combat infection – viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, fevers

May decrease blood sugar in Type II diabetes by making insulin more effective

Help to combat free radical damage that resulting in cell mutations (cancer and tumor growth)

Protect brain and nerve health – help to combat Parkinson, Alzheimer disease

Relieve depression and anxiety

Help in vision health – may prevent protein cross linking associated with glaucoma

Help to combat allergies (anti-histamine), support immune system

Help to manage weight – reduce body fat

In conclusion, the scientific study on the health benefits of mangosteen is still at its early stage.

Ironically, there are tremendous health claims, testimonials regarding the use of mangosteen health supplements and it sounds convincing while lacking scientific proof on human. This has made the benefits of mangosteen become a controversial issue.

So.. Are those claims are “too good to be true” or is it just the commercial marketing strategies?

The good news is, despite the mangosteen controversy, you can decide for yourself what is in your best interests. Here are some of the information that would help you to make an educated decision about managing your health with regards to the mangosteen.


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