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on October 5, 2014

Over 5000 IPAS² members put us to the test 😀
Let’s try this again..
Houston, we have a problem”
I never could have imagined…

Last week, we activated over
5000 founding members…
…in just four days.

Then yesterday, when we
opened to the public…

The first 3 hours…

…sales were flooding in!

1000’s of people rushed to the
never before seen sales page to
be able to get their hands on this
amazing system. (Link)

Moments later, I heard…

“Houston, we have a problem”.

My reaction was…

“Ah, here we go again”

I’ve NEVER seen a successful
launch where there wasn’t some
sort of an unexpected hiccup.

Turns out, the flood of new traffic
and 1000’s of customers chatting
with our business coaches, shut
down the server completely..

..and if that wasn’t enough, our
video hosting account got shut
down because we had such a
huge influx of people watching
the training videos…https://isuccessformula.com/adam/?id=3189&tid=wordpress
The gift that keeps on giving…
(Today only)
I want to give you the shortcut to
earning over $50k per month..
Click here to see it…
Risk free, guaranteed!

Yes, we outgrew our Server and
video hosting in under 3 HOURS!
(check that one off the bucket list)

Now, the good news is…

They’re back up now, so you can
click here and watch the video..

..and rest assured, we have moved
everything to Amazon now, so we
can handle anything and are ready
help you earn lots of money…

…when you click here and join us.
It gets even better… https://isuccessformula.com/adam/?id=3189&tid=wordpress
Even though the server was off and
on all day long, we still helped people
generate hundreds of sales and earn
thousands in just the first few hours…
…so can you imagine what’s going
to happen today, now that we can
handle whatever you throw at us?

This is going to be fun…

…so get started and join the party
by watching this video right now. (Link)

You’ll be glad you did.

Cheers,Lori Scheller

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