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Mangosteen Blog

on August 21, 2014

Mangosteen Blog

The Mangosteen Blog is my mini journal about mangosteen. You can:

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In this Page:

The Health Benefits of “Forbidden Rice”
The Comparison of Nutritional Value
The black rice (not the glutinous black rice) also known as “forbidden rice” is a range of rice type. It has an interesting history.

Once upon a time when China was ruled by an emperor, black rice was only allowed to be consumed by emperor due to its high nutritional value. This is how it got its name “forbidden rice” because it is only reserved to serve the emperor, and it was forbidden elsewhere. Due to the restricted demand, this “forbidden rice” is only planted in very low amounts. With the popularity of white rice varieties, black rice has nearly disappeared at one point.

Although it is now available for everyone to consume, the supply is still relatively low, in comparison to white rice and brown rice.

The Health Benefits of “Forbidden Rice”

You should be wondering what exactly is this “forbidden rice”. Here are some facts about it.

Apart from the name of “forbidden rice”, it is also called “emperor rice” or “fortune rice”
It is a medium grain rice with nutty flavor and whole grain texture
It is black color and it turns dark purple (exposing its true color) when it cooked
Popular in China, Thailand and Indonesia
Used for making desserts and porridge
It is high in antioxidants, fiber, iron, vitamin E and minerals
The Health Benefits from Western Study and Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach

In western study

Antioxidant value: The black pigmented rice husk has high antioxidant value – it helps to eliminate body waste and fight against the free radicals. The antioxidant value appeared to be higher than blueberry.
Anti-inflammatory value: It is also a well known anti-inflammatory food. It helps to cut down the general infection and illness.
Heart attack prevention: It has large amount of anthocyanins which can help to prevent the build up of plaques in the arteries, which is the root cause of heart attack.
Control Cholesterol level: Study reveals that Anthocyanins is more capable in controlling cholesterol level.
In traditional Chinese medicine approach

Fight against grey hair: With frequent consumption, it can keep one’s hair natural color and shiny.
Blood tonic: It can help to keep your blood in good health due to its high value in iron. It also improve one’s qi (energy).
Good for elderly people: It increases the elderly’s appetite and it aids in treatment of digestive disorder that elderly are prone too.
Diabetic prevention
In general, it is good for kidney, liver and stomach.

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