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Two out of three Americans are overweight or worse

on August 11, 2014

The issue of weight on wellness is becoming an epidemic.
Here’s the issue: The problem is comprehensive, and the solutions are not. We gain weight when we lead increasingly sedentary lives and eat bigger portions of less-healthy food. There can’t be a quick fix to correct such fundamental problems.
But XANGO has developed a better way: the FAVAO way. Getting it off and finally keeping it off!
FAVAO isn’t a diet. It’s not a magic pill, a trendy shake or a miracle injection. You don’t spend half your day in the gym, you don’t starve yourself and you do not feel deprived of foods you love.
FAVAO is a total lifestyle reset that addresses weight-gain at its sources. By integrating carefully formulated supplements and very doable workouts with healthy, delicious meal plans that tell you what to eat and when to eat, you will look and feel your very best. More than just shedding pounds, FAVAO gives you back your energy, your confidence, your smile and loving what you see in the mirror.
You want to become your best self, and we want to help. Reset your wellness with FAVAO.
Fill out your information and Discover FAVAO!
FAVAO… The last weight loss program you will ever need and awarded the 2012 ETHOS Award for product innovation in the Wellness category from the Direct Selling Association.

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