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So many health benefits for the inside and the outside

on August 3, 2014

The XALO / MB30 Solution
MB30, or Millionaire by 30, is a movement started by young entrepreneurs for the entrepreneurial at heart.
MB30 has its roots in the Phoenix area,

but has spread quickly onto 6 continents. Increasing momentum and popularity of MB30
has catapulted the movement to new heights, as young business leaders continue to shape the new wave of growth.
XALO® Ageless: Redefine Aging
XANGO is the opportunity company and XALO® Ageless is the game-changer!

Based on groundbreaking revolutionary science, XALO® Ageless revitalizes the cells that make up your body’s entire composition
-giving you uninhibited, pep-in-your-step zest for life. XALO® Ageless protects and repairs the damaging effects of environmental stressors
at the cellular level, working to address aging at its most fundamental source. Revitalizing and repairing your body’s cells through unique blends,
XALO® Ageless improves from the inside out, benefiting your heart, your muscles and your appearance.*

Key Benefits:
• Supports healthy DNA function and cellular-energy production*
• Improves mental and physical stamina*
• Aids the body in stress management*
• Promotes mental balance while reducing bodily fatigue*
• Supports cardiovascular health by improving circulation*
• Helps accelerate muscle regeneration and growth*
• Balances hormone levels for improved wellness*
• Improves mood and well-being*
• Provides antioxidants to combat free radicals produced through the normal aging process*

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