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on July 12, 2014


FEEL BETTER NATURALLY STAY YOUNG LONGER, There is a lot out in the market for natural products,
In stores unless you go to a health store there hard to find and unsure of whats true…
I’m going to tell you this, If XANGO were a party, the mangosteen is the belle of the ball.
The small, purple mangosteen fruit hails originally from Southeast Asia,
where it’s revered for its flavor and connection to good health.
The whole mangosteen fruit—especially that xanthone-packed rind,
or “pericarp”— traditionally has been used to treat a variety of health conditions. As early as 600 AD
What Makes the Mangosteen so Special?
It wasn’t until 40 years ago when scientists first put the mangosteen Fruit under a microscope that they discovered
a brand new group of phytonutrients we now know as Xanthones
(pronounced zan-thones).
Now Xanthones are not vitamins, and they’re not minerals.
What they are is a unique type of Phytonutrient that is sending shockwaves throughout the scientific community
for their potent nutritional properties, and incredible ability to act as an Antioxidant,
Support the Immune System and to just plain protect the body from the ravages of aging.
Naturally occurring, Xanthones are found more abundantly in the rind of the mangosteen Fruit
than in any other food source on earth.
Over 50 independent studies to date substantiate the health benefits of mangosteen,
found in some of the world’s most influential scientific journals:
Biochemical Pharmacology
Free Radical Research
Journal of Pharmacology
Journal of Enzyme InhibitorsXanthones show considerable biological activity,
and it is surprising that none of them so far have an established use in medicine.”
– Taylor and Frost, Phytochemical Dictionary, 1983
After years of intense scientific research,
studies now suggest that Xanthones and other phytonutrients in the mangosteen rind may:
Combat the Effects of Free Radicals*
Support the Immune System*
Promote a Healthy Respiratory System*
Support Cartilage and Joint Function*
Maintain Intestinal Health*
Sustain a Healthy Cardio-Vascular System*
Planta Medica
Journal of Natural Products and many more

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