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Working your passion

on June 30, 2014

To be able to work my passion, would be like not working, do be able to do  what I enjoy something meaningful, something that makes a difference,   people  with degrees  have jobs but  they  do not have a heart for that job, example: teachers/nurses/ customer service, not all don’t have a heart,but many don’t for what they do.,  and if its not a passion for them, and its just by the book,  It shows in many ways to the patients/customers.  And it can make them seem like they don’t like their jobs or that they are unpleasant and rude,  and some people with a heart for their job may not have the degree to be able to fulfill their passion..

I know I have a passion to some how  be helpful, to make a difference, without a degree,as I believe a degree is good for knowledge but that is all,

and we can learn knowledge  by research or  living  though something, many ways studying on  your  interest,  ect.  

I found working online can  be a way to  do this, find a business  that  is passionate to you, learn all you can about the business the people  back round as if it were you getting the interview, understand the products, how they help, what is in them, and also try the products to see  if the research and what is said  have any truth, know about what your  sharing  so you can be sure that what  your  doing is  a fact.  

Many business legal business sell stuff just  TO make money,knowing that what is in their products are harmful, and they get away with it, Things we trust thinking  they wouldn’t be able  to  sell anything harmful, Well we know that  isn’t the way of the word anymore.  .

We have to  do our own research on so many things, some of us  have been to Dr’s  over and over for a illness, that never seems to get  understood  just  trials and trials of meds that  can do  other harmful things,  just to try and cover the symptoms, but never getting to the problem or the source of the problem.

Sometimes if your illness is not by the book and ins’t easy to figure out then  It usually won’t be.

So  I have found a passion online, that I did research, tried the products, as I’m one that has had issues that are not by the book, after 6 Dr’s have not figured out, trails of meds that don’t work.  So Finding this  business has been a blessing for me, I have tried the products,  and I am using the products, and  finally have  found something that  works  and it doesn’t have  bad side effects, all the side effects are good, Everything in the products are  healthy, I mean we can’t even give our kids vitamins without worrying   what  is in them,  We believe that  what we are buying is good for our kids but that isn’t always the case.

But it can be, and  that is what I want to share with you, you can be sure you giving your kids  great vitamins, you can give your body what it needs to feel better.

My passion  first is to share this with you  so you  can know that  there is some people and companies that really care about the people and their health, to live a good life  be feel the best they can  and keep  their bodies/themselves feeling and looking  great.

The website to  find and research this information is   http:/reelingintheyears.discovermangosteen.com 

 Discover the truth and changeImage                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            http:reelingintheyears.discovermangosteen.com
the way you feel  and start living your life to the fullest.

let me know if I can help you in anyway.  and if you have a passion for helping others,  you can make money  just by doing that, helping others feel and look great and live full long  lives




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