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Joy To Life http://funtoberich.com/lcimalore

on June 2, 2014

as I have said finding the right  business and learning how to  get the business of your choice  going / launched isn’t easy,  knowing who to trust isn’t easy … selling on eBay was one of the first online business that i did start to make some money, not steady but  at least making something.  but you never know when eBay is going to up and say out of nowhere with no reason that you account and store has been suspended,, and you can’t even find out why,   and  after putting your money and time into it  is really  doesn’t seem right.  So as I’m still in the process of finding  something online that i can make money something honest and helpful for people, that won’t cost  a lot of money to start . It’s been a long process.

I would like to share a opportunity I did come across that I found  to be  just what I’m looking for   It’s called “Joy To Live ”

The Opportunity is very nice

At Joy to Live, we have created one the most prolific business opportunities in the industry. When you examine other companies closely, you will find that most have either a great marketing program with sub-par products or vice-versea. In most cases, only the top 4%- 6% marketers reach the highest level of the compensation plan, but how about the remaining 94% – 96%? What incentive do they have? Well JTL took those factors into consideration and addressed them head on.

Our compensation plan is unlike any other in the Relationship Marketing industry. We have created a plan that is affordable for the average person to participate and receive a substantial unlimited income. For as low as $33.00 you can join our company, get a Free website with no monthly fees, a product to use, customer support, marketing materials and an opportunity Imagepripotential to create financial freedom for you and your family.

Our unique 3 x 10 forced Matrix allows anyone to prosper even at the most basic levels. And as an EBO you can advance to the top of the pay plan by meeting the required Group Volume (GV) and maintaining just two (2) active legs in your organization.

Here are some other highlights of our program.

  • Our Unique Fast Start Bonus pays our qualified members 65% on all new associates to the 2nd level
  • Top producers can qualify for a monthly $2,222 Home Allowance and $822 Car bonus

Overall, our compensation plan pays up to 80% of BV to our EBOs-Elite Business Owners

At JTL, we support active participation and fair compensation. We know that anyone can be very successful with our program. We are very committed to our EBOs and our customers. For more details about the compensation plan please feel free to download a copy from the links below.

Compensation Plan Details

To download as a file, please click here. To listen to Pay Plan audio, click here.

3 x 10 Forced Matrix with Full Compression
EBO must purchase a minimum of 20 PV (1 product) per month
to receive residual commissions from the 3 x 10 Forced Matrix.
Matrix earnings are Paid Instantly to your E-Wallet.
Revised 3/7/2013


Commissions, Bonuses & More… (continued)
“EARNINGS per LEVEL” on above 3 x 10 Matrix chart shows potential earnings
at each LEVEL according to personal Rank achieved, and with Full Compression:
    * Example of Earnings based upon EBOs purchasing minimum 20 PV (in given month)
** Example of Earnings based upon purchases of EBOs averaging 60 PV (in given month)
Examples of Potential 3 x 10 Matrix Earnings at Level 5 and at Level 10:
Income Potential at LEVEL 5 (with Full Compression) – Working with your first five (5) levels:
     (EBO‘s minimum 20 PV) Your monthly earnings could be $465.60
     (EBOs’ averaging 60 PV) Your monthly earnings could be $1,396.80
 (No sponsoring requirements for EBOs to earn on 5 levels of matrix, providing they order minimum 20 PV per month)
Income Potential at LEVEL 10 (with Full Compression) –
     When your first five (5) levels work with their first five (5) levels:
     (EBO‘s purchasing 20 PV) Your monthly earnings could be $35,749.20.
     (EBOs’ averaging 60 PV) Your monthly earnings could be $107,247.60.
 The following potential earnings are based upon RANK achieved:
You may also qualify for Car Bonus and House Bonus, based upon your Group’s Volume into Infinity.
INCOME DISCLAIMER : For illustrative purposes only. Your actual earnings could vary from the examples above.
Your earnings are directly related to your own efforts and the efforts of your Direct and Indirect EBOs.

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